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Your Driving Seat

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” ~ Charles Darwin

Why, Despite All of our Investments in Improving Our Businesses, Do We Still Experience More Wheel-Spin than we Should?

That has been the question of my career.  Despite all of our great investments in team-building, leadership-development, process-improvement, enterprise software systems, sales & marketing initiatives, and so much more, why do we still experience more wheel$pin than we should?  It costs us a fortune.  bigbookNotice the $ sign in wheel$pin, which is the title of my book, “Wheel$pin:  The Agile Executive’s Manifesto – Accelerate Your Growth;  Leverage Your Value;  Beat Your Competition”.  I expressed the title in the negative (“wheel-spin”), rather than the positive (“traction”, which is on the back cover of the book by the way) to resonate with my question – why do we experience more wheel-spin than we should?  It took me a book to answer that question.  I couldn’t find the book I wanted to read, so I wrote it myself.

Looking Through New Lenses for the New Normal

The reason is that we need to look through new lenses to see the new normal of our challenge.  Change has changed and we need to change with it.  It’s become much more like a real-time unfolding, dynamic journey on a shifting landscape which is in a constant state of flux.  80% of high-level executives agree that their industries will be unrecognizable within five years. Half of those, 40%,  think that it will happen within two years:  How Agile Does Your Planning Need to Be?  Most businesses have trouble adjusting to change – let alone reinventing themselves in two to five years – 10673441_l - resizedit’s no wonder that business leaders feel overwhelmed and unprepared.  It’s the new normal of time compression and it’s only going to get worse:  Time Compression:  The New Leadership Challenge of Longitude.  As a result, a 3rd and longitudinal dimension of journey orientation has emerged making our agility challenge three dimensional.

A 3D Challenge for Which We Need to Put on our 3D Glasses

8761500_l - resizedI help everyday leaders see their agility challenge differently – how we see influences how we think which influences how we act.  Leadership has become a three dimensional agility challenge for which we need to put on our 3D Glasses: Putting on our 3D Glasses.  We are participating in a 3D movie.  If we are watching a 3D without wearing our 3D glasses, then we will miss the acuteness of that 3rd dimension – things will be going on and all we see is a blur.  We are left wondering, “what just happened?”.

In the Driving Seat

The good news is, we already know how to do this.  We do it everyday In the Driving Seat of our cars – that’s a whole-vehicle, whole-person, whole-brain agility challenge in three dimensions, which we have mastered. 

2406803_l - resized

So what happens to these natural abilities when we park in the lot outside our office and walk inside?  How do we take these natural abilities in with us to help leaders be in the same mode In the Driving Seat of their businesses as they are In the Driving Seat of their cars.  It starts with a shift of mind-set, from 2D to 3D.  The trouble is that many leaders are stuck in a 2D mindset of flatland!  Putting on our 3D Glasses – Escaping Flatland.

The Agility Gap

Bridge - resizedThis results in an “agility gap”, between the majority and the minority.  The minority are looking at their agility challenge through new lenses for the new normal.  The majority aren’t.  As a result, the minority are getting organized for agility, are pulling ahead and are knowing why.  The majority aren’t and, as a result, are getting overwhelmed, are falling behind and are wondering why.  What Seperates the Minority from the Majority?  The agility gap is the gap between the increasing demands upon our agility and our ability to supply.  A widening gap gives rise to chaos and crises management, which become increasingly chronic.  Crossing the Agility Gap.   To cross the agility gap, we need to adopt system of more agile approaches.

The In the Driving Seat Business Agility System

That’s why I created the In the Driving Seat business agility system.  It will put you in your driving seat, more fully filling your seat than every before – your’s are big shoes to fill these days.  Any shortfall in you fully filling the seat can result in bad things happening, increasingly quickly!  The In the Driving Seat business agility system is focused on helping everyday agile leaders develop an agility advantage. By that I mean helping ordinary people develop the agility to achieve extraordinary things, making goals possible that before seemed impossible.  My focus is on the everyday realities faced by everyday leaders in everyday businesses, tackling everyday challenges on an everyday basis and overcoming everyday obstacles, barriers and hurdles.  My guess is, that would be you!

15671950_ml - resized

Diagnosis & Treatment

The In the Driving Seat business agility system helps you look at your agility challenge through new lenses for the new normal – 3D lenses for the new normal of a 3D challenge.   As a result, you able to diagnose  sources of wheel$pin which others don’t see.  It’s like the difference between looking into your business with an MRI versus an X-Ray.  An MRI can resolve things which an X-Ray can’t see.  4562520_l - resizedAs a result, you are able to come up with treatment plans which others don’t get.  You are able to get things back into traction while others continue to experience wheel$pin, which is costing them a fortune.

C2C:  Conversation-Flow to Cash-Flow

You will be driving conversation-flow to cash-flow.  “C2C”.   Agile Leadership from Conversation-Flow to Cash-Flow.  Conversation-Flow is a combination of Thought-Flow, Question-Flow, Decision-Flow and Action-Flow.  Because you are looking at things differently and seeing things differently, you are thinking about things differently, asking different questions, making different decisions and taking different actions.  You are adopting agile patterns of behavior – behaviors of thinking, questioning, deciding and acting – which link and accumulate, reducing wheel$pin, increasing traction and, as a result, improving cash-flow.  2836398_ml (1) - resizedWhere your agile conversation-flow goes your cash-flow will follow.  If you don’t like your cash-flow in the present, look at your conversation-flow in the past!  If you want your cash-flow to be on a better trajectory in the future look at the trajectory of your conversation-flow in the present.  The minority get it.  The majority don’t.  Which are you?  Hero or Hazard?  How Agile is your Leadership?  I want to help you be a hero.

Helping Everyday Agile Leaders Develop an Agility Advantage.

You are not alone –  I have sat in your seat, or one very like it, as a scientist, an engineer, a manager in various roles, an executive and a CEO, now interacting with more than 100 CEOs and executives every month.  The In the Driving Seat business agility system is profound, practical and proven:  Profound, Practical & Proven.  It interprets, translates and facilitates mastery of agility through a unique intersection of insights:  Unique Insights at the Intersection.  It will help you crack the code of agility as a leader, a team, an organization, a business and a corporation, developing an agility advantage.  It will help you cross the agility gap, leaving the majority and joining the minority, becoming an everyday agile leader.  It will help you have the agility to drive more traction on a higher trajectory of conversation-flow to cash-flow.  It will help you feel much more composed, confident and courageous, with less stress, more balance and better perspective.  It will help you make sure that every seat on your bus is a driving seat from which we need traction!

Bus - resized

Why Do We Experience More Wheel$pin than We Should?

Because most leaders are not looking at their agility challenge through the right lenses to see the whole challenge, the whole problem and the whole solution, leaving an agility gap of diagnosis and treatment, failing to use a business agility system which is upto the challenge – as a result, they are not keeping their conversation-flow on a sufficient trajectory to lead their cash-flow and they allowing an agility disadvantage.  They need a business agility system which is up to the challenge.  What Makes the In the Driving Seat Business Agility System Different?

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