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The Rules of the Road have Changed


Being In the Driving Seat of Organizational Agility, translating strategy and execution into traction and avoiding wheel-spin,  comes down to 13 Driving Disciplines summarized by the acronym, BREAKTHROUGH!  Below, you will find a BREAKTHROUGH! Tool-Box to help you architect a BREAKTHROUGH! journey with your Organizational Agility and trajectory as a business.  See our iterative Process for further guidance on how to get started, how to shift up into higher gears and how to sustain traction and build momentum.

This page is currently under construction. Please feel free to click on any of the live links in order to see those products. All remaining products will be posted progressively in the near future.





Free Tools

Low Gear

High Gear

Bringing Journey Orientation into focus.

Change has changed, becoming much more like a dynamic journey on a shifting landscape. The longitudinal dimension of journey orientation has emerged as a 3rd and primary dimension around which we must reframe our approach to translating strategy and execution into traction. This requires higher order executive strengths, to master a new mindset/chassis of business acumen for organizational agility.

Soon to be published Have/To/Be


Path-Finder Architecting Breakthrough Journeys Workbook

Reinforcing a Mindset of Operations Management.

In continuous process businesses, errors unfold rapidly and propagate quickly, often with disastrous consequences. High reliability operations management prevents crises management and all businesses are continuous process businesses to some degree. Soon to be published

Soon to be published Managing the Unexpected Worksheet Soon to be published Soon to be published

Enhancing Strategic Productivity.

We need an integrated concept-suite, model-set and tool-box, aligned and attuned to the dynamic complexity of our challenge, formulating a progressive work product. The test of good strategic tools is how quickly we can pick up the conversation next time from where we left off last time.

Soon to be published 5 Questions to Travel With

“5 Questions to Travel With” Worksheet 


Ice Breaker & Conversation Starter

Soon to be published

Accentuating Short-Range Culture.

[Accentuating: to stress or emphasize; intensify; single out as important; mark with an accent]. More than ever before, the culture we need to cope with short-range pressures and performance expectations must be loud and clear to all, with leaders turning up the volume.

Soon to be published Cats & Dogs Ideas Generator Soon to be published Soon to be published

Keeping our Flight Planning envelope expanded to our full Execution Excellence agenda.

Our flight envelope is prone to collapsing back to the bottom-left-hand corner of our Execution Excellence agenda because of conspiring forces, including, (i) the tyranny-of-the-urgent and (ii) our unconscious-resistance to the more ambiguous and abstract work of strategy and the long-range. That leaves us flying blind.

Soon to be published Deficit Disorders Worksheet Soon to be published Soon to be published

Tackling Operational Productivity.

Our productivity at an operational level is about handling day to day work-flow and crises management, amongst shifting priorities, problems and opportunities. It’s about our time management, priority management, project management and many other related concepts, as a team.

Soon to be published The 1% Solution to Personal Productivity (and Giving You Back 1 Day Per Week!) Soon to be published Soon to be published

Holding a Recurring, Rigorous & Rallying Strategy Process.

The essence of strategy is conversation – i.e if you don’t have much conversation, you probably don’t have much strategy. Unless we hold ourselves fully accountable, a strategy process can easily become ill-disciplined, open-ended and laborious.

Soon to be published Current State Assessment & Environmental Scan

Current State Assessment & Environmental Scan

Strategic Tri-Fold

Strategic Tri-Fold

Soon to be published

Re-engineering Structures, Processes & Systems.

The efficacy [capability and capacity to produce a desired result] of our infrastructure of structures, processes and systems is a key – not just relating to our core business-processes, but also our infrastructure of other management-mechanisms, such as meetings.

Soon to be published Morning Meeting Design Template

Morning Meeting Design Template
BONUS: “Fast-Cycle Teamwork” article PDF included.

Meeting Matrix and Annual Calendar

Meetings Matrix & Annual Calendar

The Secrets of Running Agile MeetingsMaking Morning Meetings Really Work

Orchestrating a Goal-Setting Cascade & Review Process.

Agile alignment throughout our business depends upon a well orchestrated cascade and review process of goal-setting and performance-feedback, balancing the over-engineered rigidity of too much and the organic open-endedness of too little.

Soon to be published Executive Agility Coaching Template Meeting Matrix and Annual Calendar

Quad Report

Soon to be published

Unlocking & Challenging Mental Models.

The paradigms, mindsets, assumptions and beliefs held by you, your team and your organization are the mental models through which you interpret the world. Old, used-up and out-of-date mental models imprison our thinking and ability to see new possibilities and pathways.

Soon to be published Options and Future Matrix

Options & Futures Matrix

Agile Scenario Thinking & Planning

Soon to be published Soon to be published

Guiding Leadership/Communication Skills & Style.

Our style and skills of leadership and communication set the tone for our culture, creating resonance (or dissonance) with the team-work we desire. We are the role model that our team emulates, founded on our emotional intelligence and resilience.

Soon to be published Options and Future Matrix

Top 10 Agility Mistakes In Business

Soon to be published Soon to be published

Handling Accountability for Long-Range Culture.

Our culture regarding the long-range thinking and commitment to advance strategic initiatives can often be very challenging and prone to excuses rather than results. How we handle this is crucial, to sustain the accountability we need.

Soon to be published Excuses, Alibis and Rackets One PagerExcuses, Alibis and Rackets One Pager Core Values One Pagers Soon to be published

!ntegrating our Enterprise Execution Capability & Capacity.

The execution capability and capacity of our enterprise is more than the sum of the above parts – often all of the parts are there but the whole hasn’t emerged – some integration is required, to combine the art and science of a unifying architecture of execution. This doesn’t happen by accident (hence the “!” in “!ntegrating”) and includes recognizing and teaching execution as a system and a discipline, of accumulating knowledge, tools and techniques, broadly and deeply throughout the organization.

Soon to be published

Strategic Frame Traction PlanTractionPlan
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