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Groundbreaking New Book

“Brilliant! I doubt if you have ever read a book like this. It will be your business bible.” Jim Bayne, Area President, BB&T ~ John Burnham Insurance Services

Wheel$pin:The Agile Executive’s Manifesto

Accelerate Your Growth Leverage Your Value Beat Your Competition

by Mike Richardson

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“Mike transforms the oxymoron “organizational agility” into a
powerful and actionable concept”

Rafael Pastor, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Vistage International (The World’s Leading Chief Executive Organization)
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The agile executive’s manifesto – your agility as organizations, teams, managers, executives and CEOs, is being tested like never before these days. As a result, you can easily lapse into wheel$pin, which can cost you a fortune. Avoid it and regain traction in an accelerating business world by understanding the whole challenge, the whole problem and the whole solution of organizational agility. This book explains why organizational agility is crucial today more than ever, how to develop it, how to architect a BREAKTHROUGH! Journey and asks – Are you ready, willing and able to pass the test?


What do the following have in common?

  • Aircraft incidents and accidents
  • The sub-prime mortgage and housing prices meltdown, credit default swaps and the credit crunch, and the Great Recession
  • Toyota’s safety issues, recalls and crisis of public confidence
  • The BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, clean up and aftermath
  • You in your role in your business and your day to day experience of how your agility gets tested as an organization and as a leader

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Mike Richardson explains in this book, through stories and experiences which draw upon his expertise in different domains, creating insights at the intersection of:

  • His own experiences as a manager, executive and CEO
    • Mike has 25 years in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Automotive industries
    • Mike climbed the ladder as a manager, executive and CEO of small-to-medium sized and fast-moving businesses, ending up on the management team of a public corporation, running the Aerospace Division
  • The experiences of his wide diversity of clients and Vistage members, together with the global Vistage community of 15,000 members in 15 countries
    • As a Chair with Vistage International Mike has chaired more than 500 group meetings and 1500 one-to-one coaching sessions with CEOs
    • Mike facilitates CEOs and their executive teams, with clients ranging from start-ups to public companies, across all industry types, for profit and not-for-profit
  • His Oil & Gas experience as a petroleum engineer working on onshore and offshore drilling rigs
  • His Automotive experience on the Board of a Toyota Dealership
  • His Aerospace experience, from which he uses a number of stories and examples, not least of all the learning we can get from understanding the agility of a modern jet fighter plane and the training of a fighter pilot
  • His accumulated research into organizational agility

The Agility Manifesto:  a unique and essential guide for CEOs, executives and managers to understand the whole challenge, the whole problem and the whole solution of organizational agility.

This book explains why organizational agility is crucial today more than ever, how to develop it, how to architect a BREAKTHROUGH! Journey and asks – are you ready, willing and able to pass the test? The majority of CEOs, executives and managers aren’t.  Yet, there is a minority of CEOs, executives and managers who are.  This book will help you understand the secrets which differentiate the minority from the majority, by introducing you to:

  • The Why, What, When, Where, How and Who or organizational agility (download the Book Preface and First Chapter, including the contents list and overview of topics covered)
  • The Three Dimensions of the Challenge, for which we need to put on our 3D Glasses (see Video in sidebar), not least of all to see the two different types of complexity which challenge us (Detail Complexity and Dynamic Complexity, explained in the download of the Book Preface and First Chapter)
  • A new framework for the Higher Order Executive Strengths of Journey Orientation (Execution Excellence; Executive Intelligence, Intuition & Resilience; Path-Finding) required to understand and master the anatomy of dymanic complexity.
  • An integrated set of visual models to help you hold in mind the whole challenge, the whole problem and the whole solution with composure, to be calm in the eye of the storm
  • A distillation into 13 Driving Disciplines (see BREAKTHROUGH! Tool Box)
  • Together, these allow us to shrink our organizational OODA Loop and rev-up your Fast-Cycle Teamwork for the organizational agility we need these days to be future-proofing our business (Learning from Fighter Pilots, as explained in Chapter 4 of the Book – see Chapter by Chapter Overview in the download of the Book Preface and First Chapter)

When there is less and less we can count on these days with any certainty, we must be able to count more and more on our organizational agility to cope, no matter what.

Mike Richardson is a scientist turned engineer turned manager, executive and CEO turned facilitator, chair of CEO peer groups and keynote speaker. He is also British turned American with an MBA from London Business School and diverse international experience. Mike is dedicated to cracking the code of organizational agility for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things, making possible tomorrow what seems impossible today, in business and in life.

Learn, apply and achieve the secrets of organizational agility to be In the Driving Seat of your business, translating strategy and execution into traction while avoiding wheel$pin!