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Agile Process

“Brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.” ~ Randy Pausch, 2008, The Last Lecture

Why Do We Experience More Wheel$pin than We Should?

Because agility requires an agile process which is an ongoing, dynamic and iterative approach to strategy and execution – Fast-Cycle Teamwork.

Fast-Cycle Teamwork draws directly upon the model of how fighter-pilots are trained, called The OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), helping you develop your Organizational OODA Loop to win the dog-fight of business these days.  This is embedded in our model for agile strategy and agile execution.  How would it be if you could embed the secrets of some of the most agile things we can thing of?  Such as:

The In the Driving Seat agility system embeds all of these and more.  It will help you shift up through the gears, into top gear and into over-drive:

For Entrepreneurs/Start-ups/Emerging Companies

“Succeeding as an entrepreneur in today’s world means moving at speeds though impossible just a decade ago. Companies like Groupon and Zynga are reaching billions in sales and valuations above $20 billion in just 3-4 years. Agility and speed are not only critical factors for survival but without them you’ll get crushed. Mike is helping us become world class at agile execution and he’s doing so in a practical yet inspiring way.”
~ Jon Carder, Serial Entrepreneur/CEO, MOGL.com and MojoPages.com

For  Small-to-Medium Businesses/Mid Market Companies

“At last, someone who really understands the nature of our challenge. Where was Mike Richardson all my business life? I wish I had his framework 37 years ago when we started our business! We would have avoided wheel-spin which cost us Millions in lost profits.”
~ Tom Campanaro, Founder & CEO, Total Gym

For Larger Companies/Public Corporations

“I have been through a lot of strategic planning processes in my career and this is the best I have seen. It is complete, straight-forward and as simple or as sophisticated as you want to make it.”
~ Hank Nordhoff, Chairman & CEO, Gen-Probe Incorporated (NASDAQ: GPRO).

The In the Driving Seat agility system will help you shift up a gear in diagnosing wheel-spin and treating it with traction creating tools from our BREAKTHROUGH! Toolbox.

Need Guidance?

We can guide you through iterations of the process through our subscription service


Need a Guide?

We offer corresponding packages of facilitation, mentoring and coaching, for Managers, Executives and CEOs.


Why Do We Experience More Wheel$pin than We Should?

Beacause our process is not agile enough as an ongoing, dynamic and iterative process of triage – that’s what Everyday Agile Leaders (Fighter-Pilots, Navy SEALS, Fire-Fighters, Life-Guards, ER Doctors, you In the Driving Seat of your car) understand – that its a process of Triage.

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