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Facilitation Services

Learn, Apply and Achieve the Secrets of Organizational Agility

Mike Richardson offers you a variety of programs and additional services to help your organization improve its agility.

Breakthrough Programs

We help organizations achieve a BREAKTHROUGH! with the 13 Driving Disciplines of organizational agility (more on the iterative Process).

– Facilitating Boards & CEOs, Executives and their Teams

We facilitate CEOs, Executives and their teams, of entrepreneurial start-ups to public corporations.  An initial opportunity assessment will tell us if we should start large with the whole and evolve to the parts or start small with a part and evolve to the whole.  It all depends on our mutual sense of how best to architect a breakthrough journey.
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– Workshops & Workgroups

We also facilitate workshops and workgroups as part of our bigger BREAKTHROUGH! programs and/or on a stand alone basis for specific projects and challenges.
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– Training, Mentoring & Coaching

Our “Executive Agility” Coaching, Mentoring and Training practice focuses on the agility we need as an Executives these days to be In the Driving Seat of our agility as an organization.  As explained in The Book, think of it like a fighter plane and a fighter pilot.  The fighter pilot has to have well trained and developed agility to maximize the immense agility potential of the fighter plane.   Our coaching, mentoring and training focuses on the “Executive Agility” elements of Organizational Agility and the higher order executive strengths required.
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1st Gear

1st Gear
For organizations who are largely speaking at a standing start with their process of strategy, execution and traction.  Maybe as a result of new leadership, an acquisition or a merger.
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– 2nd Gear

2nd Gear
For organizations who have some things in motion but recognize that their process is too disjointed, haphazard and adhoc.
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– 3rd Gear

3rd Gear
For organizations who have a lot in motion but are missing some crucial parts and integration, alignment and attunement.
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– Top Gear

Top Gear
For organizations who  have a robust process and are looking to stay on the leading edge.
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– Over-Drive

For organizations who are concerned to sustain their process with fresh thinking.
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Addtional Services

– Board Member

Mike is available to serve as a board member for a limited number of organizations, helping them develop and sustain their organizational agility, enterprise wide and enterprise deep.
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– Alliance Network

In the Driving Seat is a system for organizational agility offered by Sherpa Alliance, which Mike is building as an international network of like-minded and experienced individuals If Mike does not have the availability, capacity or capability to immediately meet your needs, it is very likely we have an alliance affiliate or partner who can.
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– Vistage Peer Groups

Interested in exploring membership of Vistage? 
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