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Bridging the Thinking, Knowing, Doing Gap.

Diverse CEO Experience

“I have sat where you sit, In the Driving Seat of your business, with the inescapable responsibility for results, on a never ending road of expectations for profitability and growth.” Mike Richardson used to be part of the corporate management team of a British public corporation (Spirent PLC) which made it into the top 100 list of public companies, with Mike running the Aerospace Division.  He is an experienced CEO of businesses ranging from electronics to enterprise-software, involving turnarounds, acquisitions and disposals.  Mike is British, turned American, with diverse international experience, now residing in San Diego, California.

Pioneering Business Agility Expert

“I sensed a void of support for my increasing agility challenge as a leader and as a business.  I knew I might have to wait a long time for others to fill the void, so I decided to fill it myself.  I couldn’t find the business agility system I wanted, so I researched and developed it myself.  I couldn’t find the book I wanted to read, so I wrote it myself.  I couldn’t find the speaker I wanted to hear, so I focus my speaking on that myself.”  Mike’s learning journey as an everyday agile leader started on oil and gas drilling rigs with Shell International as a Petroleum Engineer.  Working in a high pressure environment, with individuals of diverse nationalities and types, this is where Mike says he got his “apprenticeship in agility”.  As we saw from the BP Gulf Oil spill, when your agility doesn’t pass the test on a drilling rig, things can go very bad, very big, very fast with few second chances.  From there, via an MBA at London Business School, Mike moved into the Aerospace Industry and rapidly gained experience in multiple line-management and executive roles.  He quickly progressed to Profit & Loss responsibility at a business unit level and then at a Divisional level.  His everyday agile leadership was increasingly tested at every level.

Helping Everyday Agile Leaders

“I am dedicated to cracking the code of business agility for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things, making possible tomorrow what seems impossible today, in business and in life”.   Mike now devotes his time to working with members, clients and Boards from a wide diversity of industries and businesses, from start-ups to public companies, young and old, large and small, for-profits and not-for-profits, of all types, shapes and sizes (see Testimonials). Mike is an award winning Chair with Vistage International, chairing 3 groups and more than 50 members (CEOs and Senior Executives) and is also a Vistage Resource Speaker to other Vistage groups, nationally and internationally.  Everyday, everywhere he goes, with everyone he works with, Mike helps everyday agile leaders develop a business agility advantage.  Their future depends upon it.

Read more about his experiences, agility insights and current activities at Mike’s LinkedIn Profile.

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